About Company​

Dewater Filter Press Srl., is a company specialized in the supply of innovative filtration solutions through engineering and production of customised Filter Presses. ​

Dewater Filter Press Srl. has been established in Italy by the experience of its founders who had more than 20 years of experience in design, engineering and supply of many high capacity filter presses in mining, metallurgical, Chemical & other industrial applications. ​

Thanks to our engineers exclusive experience in Solid-Liquid separation technology, Dewater Filter Press have the unique capability to supply innovative and customised Filter Presses for a diverse industrial applications. We can guide & assist our customers for every step of their project development, from feasibility study to design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning & managing of our Dewater Filter Presses. We can provide a complete dewatering and smart filtration solution through our Dewater range of Filter Presses for applications ranging from Mineral Concentrate Filtration, Mining Tailings management, High temperature filtration application in metal refineries to low and high temperature applications in chemical and petrochemical industries. ​

Dewater Filter Press’s next generation FAST High Performance Filter Presses are designed according to modern and innovative engineering which will define the future of Filter Presses

We are committed towards development of innovative filtration solutions with the help of modern engineering, design & technology. We are doing continuous research & process development activities in collaboration with local laboratories and universities to develop future filtration solutions to serve the diverse need of different industrial sectors.

For the mining industry, development & implementation of these innovative technologies will allow higher water recovery from the waste streams & recycling of process water to the process plant. Which will subsequently lead to more water efficient mineral concentrator plant and environment friendly safe management and disposal of mineral waste & tailings. This is an important step towards sustainable & responsible use of earths mineral resources.

With our collaborative research projects with chemical industries we are developing solutions for their high temperature filtration process requirements and environment friendly disposal of their waste sludge.


Manufacturing Facility​

Dewater Filter Press Srl. have its state of the art process design & Filter Press engineering facility at Bologna, ITALY.
And our Filter Press manufacturing facility is also based in ITALY.
Our Filter Press manufacturing facility is been recognised by the following global certifications for our manufacturing & quality excellence

  • UNI EN ISO 9001: For Design, production, assembly & installation of metal structures.
  • UNI EN ISO 3834-2: For welding of industrial metal structures & pipes
  • UNI EN ISO 45001: Managememt systems for health and safety at work.

Nearest Airport         : Bologna, Italy
Nearest Seaport       : Ravenna Port (60 km) & Genoa Port (350 km)

We offer complete filtration solution based on Smart & modern engineering