Chamber Filter Press

What is Chamber Filter Press ?

Chamber Filter Press are those where the filtration chambers are created by Chamber or recessed Plates. The filtration chamber of this type of configuration have a fixed filtration volume.

Chamber Plates are filtering elements with a fixed volume. It offers the simplest filtration process & suitable for most of the standard applications. Chamber Filter Presses with Chamber Plate Technology is used for applications where Cake Washing or squeezing is not needed to be applied to reach the desired Filter Press process performance.

Chamber filter press Plate Configuration

Filtration Steps in Chamber Filter Press :

In Chamber filter press the following filtration steps are conducted.

1. Feeding: By means of Centrifugal or Piston-Membrane feed pumps the filter press plate pack is filled until a pressure of 16/25 Bar is reached.

Feeding Chamber filter press

2. Core Wash: Washing or cleaning of the feeding line by water.

Core Wash chamber filter press

3. Core Blow: Cleaning of the feeding line by compressed Air. 

Core Blow chamber filter press

4. Cake Discharge: After the pressure release, the filter press plate pack is opened and the dry filter cake is discharged below or to the filter cake transport conveyor.

Cake discharge of chamber filter press

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