Iron Ore Concentrate Filtration

We have different types of iron ore concentrate like magnetite, hematite, limonite etc. This iron ore concentrate filtration case study is for the filtration of magnetite iron ore concentrate. The slurry of iron ore concentrate to be filtered was produced after magnetic separation and thickening step. After the filtration and dewatering of the iron ore concentrate by Dewater HP 4X4 membrane filter press technology the dry iron ore concentrate with the right residual moisture will be sent to be processed further in the iron ore palletizing plant.

Case Study on Iron Ore Concentrate Filtration

Feed Details

Feed : Iron Ore Concentrate
Conc. : 60-65% (w/w)
Qty. : > 1050 DMTPH
Site located at 1600 m.a.s.l.

Desired Output Parameters

Filtered Cake Moisture : ≤ 6% (w/w)
Filtrate Quality: Solids < 1-3 gpl

Process Engineering

A representative sample of iron ore concentrate is collected & tested in Dewater Filter Press R & D Laboratory in Italy in a lab scale Filter Press.

The first step was to understand the iron ore concentrate slurry chemical & physical characteristics. And tests such as elemental analysis, dimensional Particle size analysis, IR Spectroscopic analysis, XRD Crystalline Phase analysis were conducted.

Subsequently multiple filtration tests were conducted on the Iron ore concentrate sample by altering

  • filter press plate configurations,
  • chamber thickness,
  • feeding,
  • squeezing,
  • cake blowing pressures & time

to define the optimum filtration parameters to reach the performance parameters required by the customer.

Result (Dry Cake)

Iron ore concentrate filtered dry cake

Filter Press & its ancillaries sizing

The Filtration test results on the Iron Ore concentrate sample provided us the optimum process parameters to make the sizing of the Filter Press & all the associated ancillary equipment.

The Filter Press & the ancillaries are sized considering the results from the filtration test.

Recommended solution

Membrane plate configuration was choosen for this iron ore application.

We recommended the customer for 02 Nos. Dewater HP Next Generation Filter Press to reach the total capacity with desired Filter Press performance parameters.

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