Filter Press for Chemical Industry

Filter press in chemical & petrochemical applications

Filter presses in chemical plant has a wide range of applications. In fact in the chemical plant the filter press can be used in the main production line or in the filtration of waste residue resulting from the chemical process. The filter press are used in traditional chemical industry like:

  • production of pigment,
  • chlorine soda plant,
  • fertilizer production,
  • calcium carbonate production,
  • acid production,
  • oil and gas production,
  • biofuel production etc..

For this application Dewater Filter Press designs and produce customised anti acid filter press with filter press parts coated with stainless steel, or polypropylene. And special filter press frame design painted with epoxide painting. In addition the filter press plates can be customised to resist to the high temperature conditions and to be also able to make cake washing and cake drying in order to increase the filtration performance.


Filter Press for Lignin-black liquor filtration

Filter Press for Lignin-black liquor filtration

Dewater offers customised filter press for High Temperature Chemical applications